📦#3 - Continued nixifying


My journey in to NixOS continues, albeit in a slightly diverted path having acquired a slick new Macbook. I’m now attempting to build a dev environment inside a NixOS VM alongside my existing Nixifying of home servers.

I feel like I’m getting a better grasp on the Nix language and a some of the core concepts - although the documentation that alternates between incredibly in-depth and far too shallow doesn’t help. I found Stéphan Kochen’s A Nix terminology primer by a newcomer to be perhaps the most enlightening thing I’ve read on it so far.

My current adventure is figuring out why a fresh NixOS install in an aarch64 VM works fine, but after updating the unstable channel, it gets stuck in the bootloader on reboot.

I have a general understanding that I can figure out the cause here by doing a bisect on nixpkgs commits until I trace the exact change and work from there - but it seems like I’m probably missing something that would make life easier here.

Update: I eventually figured out this is issue is related to security changes in recent Linux kernel versions and an incompatibility with VMWare Fusion Tech Preview.

Wagtail Benchmarking

I’ve been working on a bit of tooling for the Wagtail Performance Team to help us analyse and observe performance changes to Wagtail core over time. This has been a fun little distraction in tying together tools I don’t usually get to to play with. I’m particularly impressed with Dash so far.